Stretch Film

PolyResources specializes in stretch film!  Our high performance stretch films are made to our exacting standards on state-of-the-art cast and blown extrusion lines.  Whether you need machine film, hand wrap or stretch film specialties, we have it all!  We’ve been selling stretch film for 36 years.  No one knows more about stretch film or can help you find the right film for your application better than we can.  No one.


Stretch Wrapping Equipment

PolyResources also specializes in stretch wrappers!  We sell high quality stretch wrapping equipment and can provide you with the right machine for your needs and your budget.  If you are currently using hand wrap to wrap your loads, we can cut your stretch film spend in half with new stretch wrapping equipment!  We are experts in stretch wrapping!


Carton Sealing Tape

PolyResources knows pressure sensitive carton sealing tape!  We’ve been selling tape for 36 years and are experts in carton sealing.  Whether your application calls for hot melt, acrylic or high tack acrylic adhesive, we’ve got the product for you.  Made in the largest ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing facility in the world, our line of carton sealing tape is the highest quality product available in the market and is ROHS certified.  When you want the best in carton sealing application knowledge, tape quality and consistency and carton closure security, there is only one answer.  PolyResources!


Carton Sealers and Case Erectors

PolyResources is the industry leader in case erecting and carton sealing.  We have over 100 models of carton sealers to meet any carton closure application!  Our sealers and case erectors are designed by our world class engineering staff for quality, durability and ease of maintenance.  Many of our machines are still running strong 20-25 years after first put into service.  Proven, effective and competitively priced.  You’ll never find a better carton sealer or case erector, anywhere.  Be smart and invest in the best.  Call PolyResources for your carton closure needs! 


Water Activated Carton Sealing Tape

PolyResources sells a complete line of Water Activated Tape products made to exacting quality standards.  We’ve been in this business for 36 years and know it inside and out.  We’re old pros and can help you find the right Water Activated Tape for your application!

There are many advantages to use Water Activated Tape for carton closure.  Some of the advantages include:

·       Permanent carton closure

·       Pilfer proof for increased security

·       Greatest durability and strength

·       Environmentally friendly

·       Excellent closure appearance

·       Printed tape to increase product marketing 

Water Activated Tape has experienced an unparalleled revival with the focus by online fulfillment companies to provide a secure, pilfer proof seal on packages being shipped by parcel services.  Find out how Water Activated Tape can improve your carton security and reduce product shrinkage.  Call PolyResources!  


Water Activated Tape Dispensers

To properly dispense Water Activated Tape, you need the world’s best dispensers!  PolyResources has a variety of tape dispensers to meet your shipping needs, large or small.  Find out why industry leaders like, Land’s End, Crate & Barrel, Frito Lay, the U.S. Department of Defense and thousands more like them rely on our tape dispensers.  Our dispensers are Made In The USA and built to last!  Replacement wear parts are readily available and easily installed.  Our Evolution series of dispensers can actually print messages, lot numbers, sequential counts, scannable bar codes and company logos on demand, right on the tape as it is dispensed!  When you want the best in tape dispensers, call PolyResources!


Shrink Film

We've been selling shrink film for over 20 years.  We carry a very high quality line of irradiated and non-irradiated polyolefin shrink films that are known for consistent performance, exceptional strength and high clarity.  We also carry a full line of BOPP overwrapping films for a variety of applications.  We stock shrink film in sizes from 8"-24" in gauges from 45, 60, 75 and 100.  When your shrink packaging application calls for the best shrink film, call PolyResources.  We'll get it done for you.


Shrink Packaging Equipment

PolyResources carries the Preferred Packaging line of shrink packaging equipment.  Known throughout the industry for exceptional quality, Preferred Packaging shrink equipment is legendary for improving your shrink packaging operation.  Loaded with modern features like digital temperature controllers and dual circulating air chambers, our shrink tunnels are the best in the business.  Our semi-automatic and fully automatic L-sealers, side sealers and continuous motion machines lead the industry with features such as Automatic Packaging Adjustment (APA) and our patented "Micro Knife" technology, which eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming process of wire maintenance.  Upgrade your shrink packaging line to the speed of now.  Call PolyResources for your shrink packaging equipment needs.